Humans are very forgetful. If it’s not in their longterm memory, then it’s out the window. Special days are forgotten such as: birthdays, anniversaries etc. That’s why we have pens and paper – to remember things. Nowadays even electronic technologies can be used to help aid us in remembering such as facebook reminders, mobile calendar alarms etc. But do these technologies destroy the meaning behind these key dates? Yes, they do and can very easily. A small reminder on facebook tells you to say happy birthday to someone but do you really mean what you say? Most likely you have forgotten and want to quickly wish someone well but what’s the point? They obviously wern’t that important to you, right? Since you didn’t even remember their birthday and since you didn’t remember, I’m guessing you didn’t buy a gift either. Some people are even worse and don’t even look at the reminders on the side and only find out it’s someones special day by stalking through the news feed and realizing that there are people posting ‘happy birthday’ on person A’s wall. Is our forgetfulness to blame or are you just not a good person who throws around empty words that can’t replace a gift or a memory?

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